A series of publications describe the autonomic denervation-reinnervation view in relation to Obstetrics, Gynaecology and non-communicable (Western) diseases.

Obstetrics and Gynecology

1)  Arteriolar injuries in clinical obstetrics and gynaecological syndromes
(COGRM, 2018)

2) Preeclampsia: the uterine denervation view, 2018.
Injuries to uterine nerves, uterorenal nerves and the renal corticomedullary shunt. (COGRM, 2019)

3) The etiology of narrowed arterioles in clinical obstetrics and gynecological syndromes. (Placenta, 2016)


1) The pathoanatomy of hypertension (in press).

2) Fetal hypertension (in press).

Other Western (non-communicable) diseases

1) Autonomic denervation and Western diseases (Am J Med 2014)

2) Origins of Western Diseases (JRSM, 2009)

3) Pathophysiology of Covid19